How it works

Learn about our studio policy

1. Students agree to commit to lessons for the duration of one term minimum.
a. If students join mid-term, they agree to commit until the end of the term.

2. Fees are payable weekly in advance via direct debit.

3. Lessons may be terminated only upon completion of the current term. Notice must be given at least one week before the end of the term.

4. No carrying over of lessons to the next term.

5. While we do not have a set number of reschedules allowed, the following terms apply:
a. Reschedules must be requested at least one week in advance with the teacher and communicated to management.
b. As our teachers are also busy performers, rescheduling availability is up to the teachers and is not guaranteed.
c. Rescheduled lessons must be held during the same term. An online lesson option is available.
d. Any rescheduled lessons not scheduled by the end of the term cannot be carried over to the next term.