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1How do I sign up for lessons?
1) Fill out our application form.

2) A member of our team will be in touch with you to schedule an initial call with our Head of Music to discuss your goals. We will then assign you a teacher.

3) Book your first trial lesson on our website.

4) Should both student and teacher be happy to continue, we will enrol you for the term.
2Do I need a piano to start lessons?
Yes. We want you to be able to practice right after your first lesson. Not having a piano will significantly impact your progress.

If you're not ready to invest in an acoustic piano (upright or grand), then we recommend a digital piano to start with. Please see our guide or get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.
3Will I be expected to practice everyday?
Yes. Piano lessons are unlike other activities in that they require daily practice outside of the lesson to see progress.

As you see your teacher once a week for an hour, the hours you put in outside of this will make the most difference to your development.
4What is your lesson availability?
Please get in touch with us as depending on your assigned teacher, availabilities will change. Generally, our lessons run every day of the week, until 8.30PM.


1I've seen lessons for £30-40/hour online. Why should I go with you?
We pride ourselves in only selecting teachers that are graduates of the world's best conservatoires, have extensive concert and competition experience, and are also experienced and effective teachers.

As you might imagine, it is not easy to find pianists of such calibre. When you add to that our rigorous hiring and training process, what our students get is only the best of the best.
2Why do I need to give one week notice to reschedule lessons?
As our teachers often have performance and recording commitments, they don't teach every day. This precludes them from accommodating last minute cancellation and rescheduling requests.


1Why do you not offer 30 minute lessons?
Because there are so many concepts to cover, we have found that 30 minutes is simply not enough to get everything done to ensure progress week by week.

Our youngest students, at four years old, routinely sit through 45 minute lessons. We also have seven and eight year olds taking 90 minute lessons.

You can see a breakdown of our 45-minute Foundation lesson here to see how a lesson unfolds minute-by-minute, and how it's not possible to cram it in 30 minutes.
2What's the youngest I can sign up my child for piano lessons?
We have found that five years old is the ideal age to start, but currently do have a few four year old students.

Depending on the first trial lesson, your teacher will be able to assess whether your child is ready yet for piano lessons.
3Do I need to sit in my child's lesson?
Yes. We highly recommend it, especially if your child is below the age of 7. If you want your child to get the maximum benefit out of their piano lessons, parents need to be as involved as possible.

Sitting in your child's piano lessons will give you an idea of what they're learning, so that you are better placed to assist them with practice at home.

As a parent, you will be expected to help guide their music practice every day and ensure they are having fun.


Axelia Christy
Axelia Christy
Love playing on their grand piano - it is just so much better than my keyboard at home! I do wish I could buy one too but for now this will do!
Kelley McGarry
Kelley McGarry
I’m a violinist and took piano lessons throughout my conservatory training....but, I have to say, this has been the best yet. I finally enjoy piano lessons and am excited to practice. Janice is incredible, friendly, professional, flexible, and so much fun. I wish I could give more than 5 stars! ⭐️
Ash Johnson
Ash Johnson
Been taking lessons with Dan for two years now, really great teacher & feel like I've improved a lot. Can even play Fur Elise now!
Ashley Chui
Ashley Chui
I have just started online lessons beginning of this month and I am impressed by how much progress I make in every lesson. I am a complete beginner and initially was quite skeptical of online lessons and how well it could work. I decided to give it a go anyway because of the lockdown, I’m working from home and have been looking to occupy my time with a new hobby. They sent me a very thorough guide to set up for my online lesson. Online lessons are conducted very professionally, audio quality is good and I can see the piano from many different angles so it feels as though I am there. Highly recommend and looking forward to my next lesson!
Emma Harmon
Emma Harmon
Piano lessons were daunting for me as I had just started a new job and wasn’t sure I could take on the extra workload. I'm also not particularly "musically gifted". But Janice has made it very fun and light and every hour long lesson goes by like a breeze! Highly recommend this school.
Susan Win
Susan Win
Janice is a very talented and enthusiast piano teacher. She makes virtual (online) piano lessons for my kids aged 8 and 9 very enjoyable and fun. She relates to the kids easily and encourages them in a good way, which makes the kids want to learn more and more. They always look forward to their piano lessons with Janice. Highly recommended.
Monica Phang
Monica Phang
“I really like my teacher Janice, she lets me play very hard songs and we play piano together on Mondays. She is very nice, and is very very very good at piano.” -Eido (my 5 y.o)
Janice is a wonderful teacher and I’m enjoying my lessons very much. I always leave WPS feeling inspired and motivated to practice harder! I’ve learned to play many different musical styles, and made so much progress here than I have the past two years at other establishments.
Fraser Wood
Fraser Wood
I’ve just completed the Foundation Course, very pleased with the tangible improvements I’ve made. The course is well rounded and versatile, I’ve learned so much in this course and been kept thoroughly entertained throughout lockdown. Wish I found WPS sooner!
Felisien Felisien
Felisien Felisien
The teachers are very professional and organised and I am very happy to take lessons at W Piano Studio.