Suitable for students who have completed the intermediate course, or with substantial piano experience


Now that you are working on masterpieces, you will need expert guidance on:

Difficult technical passages
Decoding the score
Interpreting the piece

Our professors are professional pianists themselves, having performed countless masterpieces in prestigious halls.

You will experience first hand their tips and tricks to master the difficult technical passages in the pieces you'll be playing, while also working on Etudes by Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, to target specific elements of your technique per study.

You will learn to decode the score, tracing the composer’s footsteps to capture the essence of the piece. Your professor will expose you to numerous ways to interpret the piece and guide you to develop your unique tone and interpretation while preserving the style of the musical era in which the masterwork was originally conceived.


The electives in the Advanced programme are geared to help you put your skills to good use. You will be collaborating with other musicians of different instruments in our Chamber Music elective, as well as learning piano concerti as part of the graduation requirement.

Upon completing the Advanced programme, you will be eligible to apply for our Associate Teacher position. Whether you are looking to become a teacher with us, or simply interested to learn about our approach to piano teaching and the psychology behind it, the Piano Pedagogy elective is perfect for you.

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Expose yourself to a range of repertoire and deepen your appreciation for music at our Studio Recitals. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to showcase your hard work along with other Advanced level students. Studio Recitals are beneficial to accustom yourself to playing for an audience and manage your performance anxiety.