Artist's Programme

Full Scholarships Available

Suitable for students who are serious and determined to accelerate their progress, students who aspire to pursue a career in music and/or obtain extensive performance experience
The Artist Programme is our crown jewel, a programme designed to inspire, challenge, and nurture the next generation of leading musicians.

In the Artist Programme, you will experience the pace and expectations of the professional musician’s world.

The programme is an accelerated and more in-depth version of our standard courses, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced. Lessons happen twice a week, and Artists are expected to practice well and often and to come to lessons prepared. Artists are taught by our Head of Music.

The programme is not limited to experienced players only. We encourage aspiring Artists of all levels to enrol for the programme, even complete beginners.

In today’s competitive music industry, every opportunity is a golden opportunity. We prepare our artists for every opportunity out there, developing them into versatile musicians.

Artists will be attending 3-5 electives, therefore will have a lot more material to cover in comparison to our regular programmes. To accommodate for these electives, lessons are more frequent. Biweekly lessons will also ensure their speedy progress to get the Artists industry-ready.

Delivered on Zoom daily at 8.30 PM, these sessions are ideal for Artists to warm up before their individual daily practice sessions. Artists will be playing technical finger exercises targeted to build strong fingers and work on finger independence and dexterity.

Performance anxiety is experienced even by professionals, legendary pianists like Martha Argerich also get stage fright! Luckily, it could be managed, by getting accustomed to playing for audiences regularly. The goal is for Artists to perform their best at every performance, making sure their anxiety doesn’t interfere with their maximum potential.

Artists perform in our studio class on a monthly basis. This is where Artists build their stage presence, learning the tips and tricks to deliver an engaging performance.

Build your C.V.
We also put our Artists forward for various events and experiences to build them a dazzling CV. These include:

Performances at a prestigious venue
• Masterclasses with visiting professors
• National and international competitions
• Performances in festivals
• Recording opportunities
• etc.

Unlike the traditional “cookie-cutter” musician, every artist nurtured by us is unique. We encourage you to express your individuality. Therefore, we tailor our curriculum to reflect your goals, depending on whatever you aspire to be. Whether you want to be a pianist-composer, pianist-singer-songwriter, we can make it happen!

This custom curriculum will be audited and modified at shorter intervals than for our standard courses. This is due to the pace of development of the Artists.

Electives will be a mandatory part of the curriculum from day one, and some electives will be only available through the programme, such as:

• Artist Management: learn how to manage yourself as an artist - incl. Developing a brand, understanding finance, professional networking, and more (taught with our Business Director)

• Audition Mastery: unlock the secrets of gaining admission to the world’s top conservatories using techniques tried and tested by our professors, incl. Audition etiquette and selecting audition repertoire that expresses your musical individuality.

• High-octane Octaves: develop explosive speed yet crystal-clear sound when playing on the piano, one of the hallmarks of a true virtuoso.

• Nocturnes & Matinées: attend concerts by the world’s top musicians and orchestras with your professor and peers, to expand and deepen your musical repertoire!